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HMRC imposes huge tax penalties or failure to comply with the regulations outlined in CIS, Construction Industry Scheme.

If you are undergoing a CIS tax investigation, you will need the assistance of our tax specialist. CIS regulations are complicated and it is easy to make a mistake and incur HMRC penalties. We have a track record of significantly reducing penalties received from HMRC and in some instances, the penalties are removed altogether.

HMRC Penalties can be incurred when

  • Fraudulent, negligent monthly returns
  • Failure to supply monthly returns
  • Failure to keep proper CIS records for HMRC inspections
  • Falsely declaring employment status
  • Failure to supply subcontractors with a payslip

If you are under investigation for any CIS infringement, contact us immediately and we guarantee to reduce the impact of any HMRC penalties.

We have sound practical experience in handling HMRC CIS Specialist Investigations, together with appeal hearings at tax tribunals.

Our aim is to always obtain the best outcome for our clients, both in monetary terms and in personal time and disruption. We work to achieve the best possible outcome by understanding HMRC’s powers and using them tactically for your benefit.

Contact us TODAY for a winning result in any Construction Industry Scheme appeal against HMRC.

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