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Contractual Disclosure Facility and COP 9 Tax Fraud

If HMRC has issued you with a Code of Practice 9 tax fraud investigation notice, then the suspect that serious tax fraud has been perpetrated. They will do everything in their power to recover lost revenue, issuing penalties along the way and charging interest. It may even result in a criminal prosecution if the don't like the answers to their enquiries.

Make no mistake, COP 9 Tax Fraud investigations are launched for one reason - to recover as much money from you as possible. These HMRC tax inspectors are experienced, resourceful professionals who will use every tactic in the book to recover lost revenue and don't take no for an answer. HMRC will can look at the previous 20 years to reclaim unpaid tax. COP 9 fraud investigations are only launched when HMRC expects to recover between £75,000 and £500,000.

You need us on your side. As professional tax fraud investigation specialists, we will fight your corner, saving you £1000's in the process. We know how to deal with HMRC's intrusive, sometimes bullying tactics, we know precisely what powers they have, and we know exactly what to say to your advantage.

Under Code Of Practice 9, individuals are given immunity from prosecution in exchange for a full and complete disclosure of all irregularities in their personal tax affairs via the Contractual Disclosure Facility (CDF). This replaces the previous Civil Investigation of Fraud procedures.

To avoid criminal prosecution, CDF requires that you

  • Respond within 60 days or face prosecution
  • A full and frank explanation of the tax fraud
  • Sign a statement confirming the above details
  • Pay all taxes, duties, interest and penalties
  • Stop all tax fraud immediately

You will need to fill out a disclosure report detailing

  • Your business history
  • Explanation of tax irregularities
  • The amounts involved
  • Description on how you quantified the amounts
  • Summary of tax and VAT due
  • Details of worldwide assets and liabilities
  • Details of bank accounts and credit cards operated

How we can help with Cop 9 Fraud Investigations

Our tax investigation specialist is a chartered tax adviser (CTAs) and Ex-HMRC senior inspector with years of experience in COP 9 investigations.

  • We will write the Disclosure Report 
  • Attend all meetings with HMRC on your behalf
  • Negotiate a fair settlement
  • Reducing penalties payments
  • Negotiate affordable payment periods

Anyone receiving a Code of Practice 9 tax investigation letter and a contract offer from HMRC should contact us immediately. Do not be tempted to sign the document before getting specialist advice. Ken Robinson is an ex senior HMRC Tax Inspector and has years of experience in dealing with serious tax fraud investigations and can tell you exactly how HMRC will run the tax investigation. Having us represent you will save you thousands - our fees will cost you a fraction of that.

Call us with your tax fraud enquiry NOW. Under no circumstances contact HMRC direct

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